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Insurances Accepted: Blue Cross, Aetna, Optum (United, Oxford), Tufts, Harvard Pilgrim

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Virtual Therapy for Moms in Massachusetts

Are you carrying the mental load of being the default parent? Never ending juggling of everyone’s wants and needs with very little support. No one can quite understand what is on your plate. Unspoken expectations feel unfair and unequal, but you would never complain. It doesn’t mean you don’t love being a Mom. You know you’re blessed and they are literally your heart outside of your body. The reality is, a person can’t continue like this without the risk of falling apart. And still, you keep moving forward somehow. You’ve heard the sayings: "you can’t pour from an empty cup", or "you need to put your own mask on first."

If your nervous system is constantly activated, it can take a toll on your emotional and physical health, weakening your tolerance for everyday situations. How would life look if you actually felt balanced and content? If you could really do it all, without feeling like you’re going to crack? It’s totally possible to experience motherhood this way.

Does this sound like you?


Bringing emotions to the surface and processing them. Developing new strategies to manage your nervous system. Establishing solid boundaries with people in your life. All will allow you to experience stressful situations in a whole new way. You can actually restore the parts of you that were lost in motherhood and rebuild an identity that you feel proud of.

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