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Hey There, I'm Bess

I support women who have never felt like they fit in: 

  • To find freedom without conforming to society’s “norms” 

  • To create their own standards for where they belong and excel

  • To flourish and find joy in their life’s purpose

  • To define their true, most authentic identity

  • To identify what makes them successful, without sacrificing their time to recharge


All About Me

I'm Bess.  A neurodivergent (elder) millennial Mom of girls and a wife.  I like to play poker, sing and dance.  I've recently rediscovered an obsession with CrossFit (I'm not annoying about it, I promise).  I almost majored in math in college because it was predictable, but became fascinated with people and their behavior, so I chose to study psychology and then social work. 


I have training in several evidence-based practices (DBT, CBT), which I draw from when needed, but each person is unique and will call for their own type of support.  I will help you to understand what your body and mind are trying to communicate to you.  You are your best expert on yourself and your life, and I will help you to deepen your own ability to heal and understand yourself.  Mental health "symptoms" are the very tip of the iceberg.  They emerge on the surface to give us information.  These are signals from your mind-body connection of something deeper to explore.  I look forward to standing beside you on that journey.

If you're interested in working with me, please email

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