Abi Andrus


Hi, I’m Abi. I’m a licensed independent clinical social worker who specializes in treating trauma. I use EMDR to help heal trauma and I work with people 11 years old and older. I approach therapy from a developmental framework and believe that we develop into the people we are because of the things that we have experienced. I believe that if we can heal what came before, we can feel better now.


Check out my psychology today profile for more info. 


You can also email me at abi@steppingstones.com

Julia Baker


Hi, I am Julia, a licensed clinical social worker who specializes with adolescents and their families.  I want to guide you or your family through a healing process. I take a client centered approach with working with people from areas of trauma, anxiety, gender identity, autism, and depression. 

Please head over to my profile on Psychology Today for my contact information and to learn more about me and my approaches. 


Brandon Jones


Hi, I’m Brandon. I’m a licensed mental health counselor who works with children, adolescents adults, and families healing from traumatic experiences, anxiety, and depression. My approach is grounded in a deep respect for the ways relationships, experiences, and values shape our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


Check out my website or my Psychology Today profile to learn more about me.  



Leah Nystedt

Hi, my name is Leah, and I am a licensed mental health counselor who primarily works with adults with anxiety and panic, substance use, depression, and/or bipolar disorder. I use cognitive-behavioral therapy and an educational, collaborative approach to teach clients to be their own therapists.


Learn more about me on my Psychology Today profile.


Please contact me through there (email or call) or call me at 774-701-0573 to discuss your needs in therapy. My current availability is Wednesday afternoons and evenings. 



Kyla White

Hello, my name is Kyla and I am a licensed mental health counselor who specializes in working with individuals who suffer from substance use, anxiety, depression and anger related problems. I approach the needs of my clients individually by utilizing different therapeutic modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy, strength and mindfulness based stress reduction techniques. 


Check out my psychology today profile for more information or contact me at 508-422-0024

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