For teens who are ready to gain control of emotional reactions and discover a life worth living.

Teens and young adults are faced with so many life adjustments: 

hormone and body changes, mood swings, social media influence, academic pressure, friend drama.  

You may already be awake at night thinking about what could happen if you don't do something NOW. 


You know their potential, but worry that they will do something that will cause them to spiral and lose it all.

DBT Informed Group Programs are the most effective way to take your child from anxious, shutting down and overwhelmed to:

  • Confident in their potential

  • Comfortable in their skin

  • Focused on what matters

  • Hopeful for the future

  • Making progress towards a life worth living


DBT Skills Will Help Your Teen/Young Adult:

  • Develop strategies to cope with intense emotional pain so that they don't harm themselves or their relationships

  • Increase awareness of themselves and the world around them

  • Improve their emotional foundation so they can deal with the ups and downs that are inevitable in life

  • Build and maintain healthy relationships that will support them to make progress towards life goals

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